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Scott Blyth Collection
I wish to thank Scott for letting me display these excellent images.
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Please note, all images displayed are the copyright of Scott Blyth and as such,
are not to be reproduced in any form without permission.

Scott's father was Lt. John S Blyth and he flew with the 14th squadron of the 7th Photographic Reconnaissance Group based at Mount Farm in the UK.

Lt Blyth undertook a number of sorties over Europe, flying both the Spitfire PR.XI and the Lockheed F-5.

Pictured left is Lt Blyth standing next to a Spitfire PR.XI

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Chateau De Bosmelet V1 Site Halberstadt Airfield - 30 May 1944 Dessau Airfield - 30 May 1944
Halberstadt Airfield - 7 July 1944 Bridge Near Nantes - 24 June 1944 Prouville V-1 Rocket Site

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