World War two
Colditz Castle

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At the start of World War II the Castle was turned into a high security POW (Prisoner of War) camp for captured allied officers who, the Germans thought, had become a major security threat and were regarded as "volksfeindlich", treasonous against the people of the Reich.

Since it was position on an outcropping above the Mulde river, they believed it to be an ideal place for a high security prison.

Colditz Castle

The imagery below was taken on the 10th April 1945,
just 3 days before American troops over ran the castle
Over view of Colditz - 1945 Close-up of Coldtiz Castle
With this enlarged image, people can be seen
in the bottom Court Yard of the Castle

There 6 successful and 18 unsuccessful escapes from the Castle
For further information outside the scope of this site,
visit Colditz Castle

Castle Plan estate of P.R. Reid Map of Colditz Castle -   estate of P.R. Reid

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