The Port of Gdynia (Gotenhafen)
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This imagery was taken by Capt Frank K Caney of 27 Squadron of the USAAF 7th Photo Group.
It taken on the 16th August 1944, from a F-5B lightning flying between 25,000 and 29,000 feet.

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The seaport were occupied in September of 1939 and renamed to Gotenhafen. Around 50,000 Polish citizens were expelled from their homes which were then assigned to German settlers. Gdynia became a primary German naval base mainly it's location away from the battle fronts. It became home to a number of German battleships and heavy cruisers.
Both seaport and the shipyard came under attacked by Allied bombers from 1943 onwards, but little damage was done. The seaport area was largely destroyed by withdrawing German troops in 1945 (90% of the buildings and equipment were destroyed) and the harbour entrance was blocked by the German battle cruiser Gneisenau which had been brought to Gdynia for major repairs and refit.