Peenemunde East
Development Works Site

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Rocket Devployment Site
An over all view of the Rocket Development Site.
Flown by 540 Sqn on the 23rd June 1943.

This area was the heart of the new rocket research centre. The experimental, research and development laboratories, and work­shops for the rocket programme and the headquarters office blocks were also erected here. The engineering and research area provided the shops and laboratories needed to support the Heeresversuchsanstalt (Army Research Centre Peenemunde), in­cluding the guidance, control, telemetering laboratory, materials testing laboratory, radar and optical tracking stations, military and civil headquarters, officer's quarters, mess halls and various shops needed for plant maintenance.

The buildings were designed along the lines of modern Luftwaffe installations rather than the old fashioned architecture still favoured by the Army. The majority of the buildings were either light brick housing or wooden barracks. As many trees as possible were left standing to provide natural camouflage. This part of the new establishment became offi­cially known as Entwicklungswerk - Werk Ost (Experimental/Development Works) or Peenemunde East.

After bombing raid
Image showing damage after a bombing raid.
Flown by 540 Sqn on the 30th Sep 1943.

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