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Below are Supplements from the London Gazette detailing various operations from WW2

Dunkrik The evacuation of Dunkirk
26th May to 4th Jun 1940 - 2.7 MB
battle of Britain The Battle of Britain 1940 - 3.2MB
Raid on Taranto The Fleet Arm raid on the port of Taranto 11th Nov 1940 - 750 KB Sinking of the Bismark The sinking of the Bismarck
27th May 1941 - 2.6 MB
Raid on St Nazaire The raid on the port of St Nazaire 28th Mar 1942 - 734 KB Attack on the Tirpitz The attack on the Tirpitz by Midget Submarines 22nd Sep 1943 - 2MB

Other downloads

A chart showing the Chain of Command and the various Units and Departments involved
with wartime photo reconnaissance, based around the Allied Central Interpretation Unit (ACIU) RAF Medmenham
Patrick Brion - 272 KB

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